Professional certificate

If You need to submit documents issued in Estonia (eduation documents, register statements or certificates, etc.) to Swedish authorities, they must be translated and certified by a sworn translator, i.e. a translator whose necessary skills and knowledge have been verified and who is considered competent to perform official translations.

The same applies if you need to submit documents issued in Sweden to Estonian authorities, the translations on which may be certified by a notary public until 2020, i.e. translations on which the notary public has certified the authenticity of the translator’s signature.

The documents to be translated and paper translations can be sent to us by registered post or by other means of delivery. Estonian authorities generally also accept digitally signed translations. If You prefer to move documents hand to hand, then we recommend Luisa Translation Agency (Tallinn Ahtri 6A, Tartu Küüni 5b), with whom we have had a very long and productive cooperation.