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Among the things we like most about translating non-literary texts in a relatively small language combination (Estonian-Swedish) is the variety of subjects, which, leaving aside areas that are rather alien to us, ranges from health services to metalworking.

This autumn has seen the translation of a wide range of documents (inventories of estates, articles of associations and registry cards, court and tax clearances/certificates, criminal records, marriage certificates, etc.), as well as product descriptions for food, fashion, chemical products, construction products, beauty and health services, also quite a few user and safety manuals for different devices, annual financial reports, procurement documents, safety data sheets and quite a few privacy policies due to the new data protection act.

One of the most exciting recent commissions is perhaps the translation of the lyrics of three significant Estonian Song Festival songs into Swedish in relation to the participation of the Crown Princess of Sweden in the Estonia 100 sing-along.
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