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We are a small Estonian-Swedish family firm located in Southeast Estonia, reaching out to  both sides of the Baltic Sea. 

Katrin, a translator with Estonian as her native language, has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stockholm University, topped up with studys in Contemporary Swedish Language Use at the University of Kalmar. She has been active in translation industry for more than 20 years, starting in Sweden during her studies, and later as a self-employed translator in Estonia.  She has been a Swedish sworn translator in Estonia since 2015.

Lennart, a native Swedish speaker, looks after the Swedishness and naturalness of Katrin’s translations. He has studied construction and agriculture, and can also do translations regarding these technical fields from English to Swedish.

The use of computer-assisted translation tools with translation memories allows us to keep the terminology consistent and to avoid typographical errors when forwarding unchangeable data in the target language. It also speeds up the translation process in the event of repetitive parts of the text, thereby allowing a lower price to be offered.

As a rule, we always perform a computer-aided spelling check on the final result and have another pair of eyes look at it, so that even the smallest mistakes, which the translator might sometimes not notice, get fixed.
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